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Sure you want an agency that thinks big. But you also want a partner who works small. At PT3, you’ll partner with a senior team member who will work with you one-on-one to discover the insights that make your business unique. So, while PT3 can be described as big and small, we really prefer “just right.”

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We have access to a deep well of research data and even utilize your DRS and CRM data. But, unlike some agencies, we actually put this data to work and leverage it to help you be bigger, smarter, faster, and more efficient.


The Internet has created the most savvy and selective buying audience in history, making differentiation essential. What makes your dealership distinctive — both to your customers and from the competition? We’ll develop a strategy on how to use your unique voice to motivate prospects to buy from you rather than someone else.


Everything starts with an assessment of your current situation and how it relates to your competition. Once PT3 discovers where you are, we’ll determine where you want to be. Then we’ll create objectives and a research-based plan to get you there as quickly as possible.


Attribution is the key. By charting a reverse path through the purchasing process, we can see all the online and offline steps that eventually led to the sale. We can analyze every touchpoint to see what media your customers are using, how they’re using them, what’s working, and what adjustments might be needed to maximize results.


Meet the

We like taking chances. That’s why PT3 people climb glaciers, ride motorcycles, and jump out of airplanes (sometimes with parachutes). We like to take chances at work, too. That’s why we think outside the comfort zone to make sure your brand’s message connects with your customers. We think that’s a risk worth taking.

  • Jake Rostollan
    Jake Rostollan
    President, CMO
  • Mike Cacciabondo
    Mike Cacciabondo
    Group Creative Director
  • David Van Fleet
    David Van Fleet
    Digital Group Director
  • Melissa Cacciabondo
    Melissa Cacciabondo
    Account Management Director
  • Mike Eul
    Mike Eul
    Director Client Services
  • Ashley Sparks
    Ashley Sparks
    Regional Account Manager & Client Operations Director
  • Greg Riedl
    Greg Riedl
    Sr. Account Manager